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Another classmate gone…

I was on Facebook, scrolling away, when I saw a post from an old teammate’s mom, with him tagged. I guess he passed away three days ago; they don’t know why, just that he’s gone. That is the third since just after Thanksgiving. The first to go was two years ahead of me. Second was just a year ahead of me. Now, our class lost one. It’s not fair. We aren’t old yet, despite the arguments of our children, nieces, and nephews.

It definitely took the winds out of my sails tonight. Hell, I’ve cheated death more than a few times. It just isn’t fair. Is this a weird sort of survivor’s guilt by proxy? They were all rather popular in high school. I wasn’t. I’m just confused. And mad. And questioning my own mortality. When is one of those close calls going to be too close; when’s my number really going to come up?

I think I’ll just ring in 2019, then drag the kids to bed for a mammoth cuddle session. When you are feeling sad, nothing brings you back to earth than cuddly kids that hog blankets?

R.I.P. Ryan, Tracy, and Justin

Planning, Scheduling

Plan with me Monday

I am absolutely out of sorts planning out my week. It’s comparatively blank for us. I still need to get Connor’s schedule out of him, and with my major spring cleaning planned for the week, there’s just not a lot to it. I know that Ryli’s Big Sister wants to do something with her Saturday, but aside from that, it’s just empty.

As the week goes on, I’ll set my priority for the day based on what I accomplished the day before. I’ve even written some things in so that I have a task after my favorite little hooligan’s drift off to sleep. I’ll get my Self Care Challenge tasks done around the noon hour, and hopefully by week’s end, the house will be all prettied up and I’ll be ready to start the fun task of planning things for the summer. Scary.

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No, really, I AM still here

Between the last part of winter break, sick kids, and quite frankly being an airhead, I am just now sitting down at the computer to get something done about my poor, neglected blog.

I started my day after getting little people where they needed to be by sitting down at the dining room table with all my pens and markers and my calendars. Don’t be fooled, you are not seeing double; I had to transfer some things from my old Academia planner to the new one. Then, there’s my desk pad calendar, the calendar that resides on the bulletin board by the front door, and not shown is the blog planner.


I decided that there was no time better to get the calendars all set up for (I can’t belive it) February, get things switched in the Academias, and actually plan a little bit for the blog. The only things I haven’t done yet is update my calendar app on my iPhone and plan a little for the other blog.

First up was the bulletin board calendar. The desk pad was filled out for the most part last week. That wasn’t too difficult, and all that’s missing either hasn’t been scheduled, or the fact that Connor has yet to get his schedule for sure.


Next up was the transferring of all my February appointments and whatnot to my new Academia.  I finally have some planner peace with that one. It’s not the flashiest, but it runs from 6:00 a.m. clear until 10:00 p.m. with another block for P.M. and trackers for damn near everything. The new one is the Academia Spring. It only runs through the end of July, but there are a LOT of perks. As a matter of fact, I probably should order the Fall 2018 soon. They will overlap a bit, but considering the kids notoriously get appointments scheduled pretty far in advance.


Last but not least was my rough and as yet incomplete plan for the blog. Just subjects, vague, but telling, at least to me. This post is technically late, as I planned on publishing it last night, but my mommy cuddles were requested, and I may have fallen asleep as well. So, I am up before the sun to get it done. No worries.

Next Sunday, this post will spring back up, as I begin to tackle the weeklies, which I like to do the night before the week starts. For me and the majority of my planners, my week starts on Monday and ends with the weekend. I may even attempt my first review of a planner… wait and see.