No, really, I AM still here

Between the last part of winter break, sick kids, and quite frankly being an airhead, I am just now sitting down at the computer to get something done about my poor, neglected blog.

I started my day after getting little people where they needed to be by sitting down at the dining room table with all my pens and markers and my calendars. Don’t be fooled, you are not seeing double; I had to transfer some things from my old Academia planner to the new one. Then, there’s my desk pad calendar, the calendar that resides on the bulletin board by the front door, and not shown is the blog planner.


I decided that there was no time better to get the calendars all set up for (I can’t belive it) February, get things switched in the Academias, and actually plan a little bit for the blog. The only things I haven’t done yet is update my calendar app on my iPhone and plan a little for the other blog.

First up was the bulletin board calendar. The desk pad was filled out for the most part last week. That wasn’t too difficult, and all that’s missing either hasn’t been scheduled, or the fact that Connor has yet to get his schedule for sure.


Next up was the transferring of all my February appointments and whatnot to my new Academia.  I finally have some planner peace with that one. It’s not the flashiest, but it runs from 6:00 a.m. clear until 10:00 p.m. with another block for P.M. and trackers for damn near everything. The new one is the Academia Spring. It only runs through the end of July, but there are a LOT of perks. As a matter of fact, I probably should order the Fall 2018 soon. They will overlap a bit, but considering the kids notoriously get appointments scheduled pretty far in advance.


Last but not least was my rough and as yet incomplete plan for the blog. Just subjects, vague, but telling, at least to me. This post is technically late, as I planned on publishing it last night, but my mommy cuddles were requested, and I may have fallen asleep as well. So, I am up before the sun to get it done. No worries.

Next Sunday, this post will spring back up, as I begin to tackle the weeklies, which I like to do the night before the week starts. For me and the majority of my planners, my week starts on Monday and ends with the weekend. I may even attempt my first review of a planner… wait and see.

Coming back and doing so on a mission…

Life has been interesting as of late, to put it mildly. The new school year is wrapping up its first six weeks tomorrow. Dallas County Schools is still essentially clueless, as the little ones’ bus has yet to pick up or drop off within five minutes of the scheduled times. Things at the school have been better than the were last year, but there are still hiccups and road bumps galore with the transition to being an ACE school. The fledgling Girl Scout troop meets for the first time next week. I’m on two committees at school, plus on the PTO. I’ve represented myself in court and continue to wait for the trial of my dragon. Connor got himself a job. The kids pulled down a few nominations for TAG. I have been constantly running white uniform dress shirts through the wash since August 30, as well as the perpetual hunt for those wayward black socks and white socks.

I will officially be back here no later than Sunday, October 1, 2017. Truthfully, I will try to be back before then to go over what exactly I have up my sleeves for the month of October and onward. It involves more of what you may or may not have come to expect from me, such as Mama’s Mission of the Month, and some fun new little treats in the realm of a blog challenge or maybe even two, and the added gems of me being on all these committees and leading a Girl Scout Troop and everything else.

So, without any further ado, I will now be returning to my scheduled oddity of doing my own laundry so I don’t have to scramble any longer. The kinks are finally getting straight.

Here’s a few pictures from the first day of school. Landry is still loving the uniform, where as Ryli is a bit sick of it.

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I’m BACK! Plus, Mama’s Mission of the Month May 2017

Okay, after over a month off, I’m back. This time, things are settling down to the point where I don’t think I’ll be disappearing like I did for quite some time. I just had a lot on my plate that I needed to do something about. Most of the crap has been dealt with at this time. The rest is in the final stages of being dealt with. I’m still hard at work at slaying my dragons, and the house is finally coming together how I want it to.

Since this is the first of the month, we’ll get back into it with the most regular item from the blog of the past: Mama’s Mission of the Month. I’ve gotten a slightly better grip on everything now, so it shouldn’t be too hard. The topics haven’t changed, but I am relaxing it a bit and not self-mandating that I have three goals per topic. Maybe this way, it’ll go a little smoother, and I’ll get more things done!

Without further ado, May’s Mama’s Mission of the Month.



  • Start tracking habits in my bujo
  • Make the most of my new health insurance
  • Read at least six books in May


  • Make habit trackers for all four kids
  • Hold family meeting about expectations
  • Help Connor get squared away with permit, school, job, etc.


  • Make budget without child support and STICK TO IT!
  • Work out allowances; budget for tooth loss


  • For me: doctor, dentist, vision, and OTC allowance
  • Kids to all appointments


  • Catch up with the Harpies
  • Plan trip to Mom’s


  • Meal plan and stick to it!
  • Purge everything, then inventory
  • Make lists of wants/needs by room or person


  • Get these beauties (A.K.A. my blogs) up and running again.
  • Post a minimum of two times a week for both blogs
  • Take more pictures


  • Practice handlettering
  • All journals (bujo, Passion Planner, Techo, and TN) up to date all month!


Hopefully, this time, everything works out and I do better than I have thus far!

A road map for the month of March

Well, March should be a bit different than anything else that we’ve been through in a while. I’ve been thinking a lot more than normal, and I actually have some things planned out already for next month.

A lot of the specifics I haven’t quite worked out. Some things, I confess, I need to wait until my yet-unplaced Amazon order arrives, because what I want to post about is in one of those orders to be made.There are topics that will definitely go on for a period time, most likely on a set day of the week. Others may be one hit wonders, and some may pop up again, with no rhyme or reason. There will be pictures, as well as some laughs, I’m sure.


If any time were perfect

This would be it. I’m still trying to nail down aspects of our routine around here. Days that I do the store runs, days that X gets to call Ryli and Landry, and/or days that they go for visitation are the worst. Yesterday was a combo day, as I absolutely had to get to the store, and X was calling. Added to that, Nicole was on the verge of being over-booked, so I wouldn’t be cooking for her in exchange for borrowing her car. I also left later than I really should have, so Landry insisted upon coming.

With Landry along, he pointed out things he thought that I’d forgotten. A few of them, he was quite adamant that I get on that particular store run, so I did. That ended up biting me. I’ll let you guess where. Landry did get a balloon from the gal at checkout. If it were not for that green balloon, I’d have had to carry everything back to the apartment. I tied his balloon to a bag that had hot dog buns and rice noodles. He carried it about half the time.

Once we had gotten checked out, I pulled the cart over to begin the transfer of my purchases into the bags I would be carrying them home in. I had more than I’d anticipated, but wasn’t too worried, as between the backpack and the IKEA bag, I had more than enough room. Then, I went to hoist up the IKEA bag once I had the back-breaker backpack on. We did not make it to the bus stop with any speed. I carried the IKEA bag, I dragged it, and eventually, we made it to the bus stop.

Needless to say, I called ahead to have Connor meet us at the bus stop, and also informed him that as soon as I put the groceries up, I was taking a nap. Connor’s punk ass sent me to my room while he unpacked groceries.

For dinner, Connor and Tucker made hot dogs with mac & cheese, because I was not wanting to get back up. When I did finally make it to the main area, I hopped on my laptop and started looking up Once A Month Meals. I’d already signed up to be an affiliate (the recipes are that good), but there is no time like the present. I’m going to talk it over with my mom, who used to do all the freeze ahead stuff when I was a kid, and I’m going to do it. Not for the entire month. Just so that on days that I already know are going to be busy and/or stressful, dinner is one thing that is already taken care of.

I have already decided that there will be pictures and fun when we have our cooking day. I think we will shoot for early March, with cook day hopefully being on a school day so at least two people aren’t here. I’ll keep you posted, but I promise, this should be good!

A slight change in plans… no need to be alarmed.

We have been in shelter just short of two months. Things are still somewhat crazier than they would be normally, for the sheer fact that I have extra people who I have to meet with any given week, and nothing seems to happen at a set time. Hell, dinner shows up at some point in a two and a half to three-hour window. It’s hard to do too much that’s planned in advance because there’s either stuff springing up last-minute at the shelter, or headaches with DART.

With all that being said, I’m going to put Mama’s Mission of the Month on hold until December at the earliest. November is looking to be absolutely crazy with moving and getting settled and all of that. Plus, there will be at least a court date for the felony, appointments that had to be changed when same day conflicts popped up, and all sorts of other assorted engagements. I’m also going to try to get involved in a few different things to “get a life” outside the house.

I do still intend to post at least twice a week during November, even when we go down to Georgetown for Thanksgiving (fingers crossed). Come December first, things will start to calm down a bit, and 2017 will be the time for this blog to form into what I had originally intended.

Mama's Mission of the Month: October 2016


Remember that old cliché about it’s better late than never? Can you go easy on me and take this in the same manner? Things have been absolutely crazy busy here for a few weeks. I have since gotten done all I could do for the time being. Everyone is where they need to be for now, and things are good, the past few months considered.

I figure that I will get into what caused me to vanish for all these months, and the ensuing chaos around it. Honestly, we’re still dealing with the repercussions even know. It’s harder to write about than I thought it would be, so please, bear with me.

I am going back to the same thing that I started with back in January: Mama’s Mission of the Month, for all the reasons that I started with it back then. Now, I need the goals and accountability even more. Once again, I’m going to use the blank template and add my own categories. They may change slightly month to month, unless I lucked out and nailed my first try.  I still just adore the idea of making myself accountable to someone besides myself for what I set out to get done. The printable for Mama’s Mission of the Month  can be found HERE.

Here it is, Mama’s Mission of the Month for October 2016:


  • Start working on a morning routine
  • Start journaling
  • Read at least two books for fun


  • Streamline desk
  • Keep Cozi and Erin Condren up to date


  • One on one time with Ryli, Landry, and Connor
  • Figure out chores and responsibilities when we get the new apartment


  • Budget for November
  • Plan how to arrange the new apartment
  • Figure out needs for new apartment


    • Post 2-3 times a week minimum
    • Start reading Feedly again
    • Restart Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


  • Start attending groups


  • Get bloodwork in check (gotta love Coumadin)
  • New doctors for Connor
  • Ryli and Landry in to the dentist


  • Find out about Tucker
  • Get Connor squared away with school ID and bus pass
  • Get my bus pass going