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REVIEW TIME: Brandless

First, I paid for the entire order; this review is the opinions of myself and my family, there was no compensation or recognition. For more on my disclosure policy, click here.

Brandless was and is TOTALLY worth it. It came last Tuesday, as promised. I may have gotten a tad excited and forgot to take pictures of the box. It also didn’t really help that the box arrived mere minutes before the school bus and my eternally ravenous youngest two children. I did catch something that did accidentally get left behind in the warehouse; I contacted customer service via email, and they shipped another, smaller box behind the bulk of the order. No worries on my part, as they handled it quickly, and it was just the two bottles of melatonin, just delayed by a day.


I will start with the snacks, which were devoured within days. The overall favorite goes to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins. I actually had to divvy those bad boys out, because the three offspring were all fighting over them and/or attempting to barter for them. They’re like the crispy, thin edge of a cookie. It’s basically the cookie equivalent of a muffin top. Everything else was equally as good, just not all unanimously adored as the cookie thins. I was the only one who got any Tomato Basil Hummus Chips. Those are M-O-M-M-Y-‘S. That is final. Ryli’s favorite was the yellow corn tortilla chips and salsa. Landry had an affinity for the cheddar cheese popcorn. Connor has been asking for cookie crisps nearly daily.

The toilet paper and facial tissues… the treeless paper products. Texas sized allergies made short work of the facial tissues, since they were the travel side. They held up well to the allergy spawned drainage for the kids, however. I’m not quite sure how to describe the toilet paper. Its got  nice feel to it; it feels thin, but it holds up well. The rolls seemed on the small side, however one pack of six with four to five people using it lasted a week. This second pack just may last longer, as the littles go to their dad’s this weekend. I was so impressed, I have a current order for boxes of tissues and six packs of toilet paper.

While I’m in the bathroom, let’s talk about the personal care items I ordered in this box. I was a bit leery as to how long the shampoo and conditioner would last when I plucked them from the box. Connor was the first one to use them, and it made his hair look so good. Next up were Ryli and Landry. I was instantly impressed, as I realized that a little bit of each does the trick, and it smells divine (tea tree and aloe). It’s also the same scent as the equally awesome body wash. The kids have decreed that they must use these products. The scent is neutral, so the boys liked it as much as Ryli and I. In case you were wondering, I loved the three of them at least as much as the kids did.

Rounding out the personal care items comes the facial cleanser & moisturizer and the toothpaste. The facial cleanser instantly makes you feel a surge of pep with its grapefruit scent. As with the shower supplies, it doesn’t take a large amount to do the trick. The moisturizer soaks in without the residual greasy feel, with no scent. Combined, I was happier with them than I’ve been with some of my other products, running the gamut from grocery store buys to MLM and Department store splurges. Thumbs up on that.

The toothpaste and mouthwash surprised me. I’m a bit picky about the flavors, and how long it affects the taste of everything. They are both a light mint. The smell coming out of the bottle and tube was stronger that what they left behind. I liked that very much. I also am fairly certain my teeth have already whitened some. The mouthwash left my mouth feeling clean, but not overly fried with the mint  and alcohol combination. I’m the only one who has used it thus far, as the kids are fully stocked in the dental department.

As for the kitchen, I’ve only used the olive oil spray to date. I used it to spray down the innards of my slow cooker before making my salsa-cheesy chicken. It’s looking like it’s going to be an easy clean up. I still have some olive oil left from Kroger, so I’m going to leave the jury out for that. The coconut oil will be used as soon as I make brownies, and lastly, that sturdy little whisk will be used on the eggs for said brownies.

I didn’t forget the melatonin. That works like a charm. The 3 mg caps are perfect for me.

I’ve already placed my second Brandless order. Next month, I intend on making a try with the dishes and table linens. My overall review… I’m in love.

Sorry about the delay. My time at the doctor’s office went long, then I came home, took care of my self-care, and prepped Ry and Lan to go see Avengers Infinity War with the kids. We had to take off early to get across town and to the theater early enough to get some excellent seats.

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A little bit of everything (UPDATED)

I think that it is rather safe to assume that damn near everyone who has a Facebook account sees a barrage of ads every single time they scroll though their news feed. It’s just the way things work. Sometimes, the things are silly, or just too frivolous to bite on. Then, there’s the things that you save for the right time.

Late last week, one of those tempting, save for later ads popped up in my feed, and I clicked on save. The company is called Brandless, the premise being that typical, branded products come with a “brand tax”. In a nut shell, you are paying more for the name on the package. Pretty much everything on the site is either organic, non-GMO, tree-free, or something along those lines. Everything on the site is $3. Some of the items are 2/$3 or 3/$3, but seriously, just $3. For every order, they donate a meal to Feeding America. Right now, they’re offering free shipping on orders $39 or more. They carry everything; food items, hygiene, cleaning, kitchen gear, paper and office products, basically, a little bit of everything.

I bit today. There are some things that we need or very soon will need, so I went for it. Here is the result:

Like I said, a little bit of everything. I’m pretty sure the only category I skipped completely was office supplies, because I’m currently set. It can also be argued that no one “needs” the snack items that I bought, but if it lets me finish cooking dinner in relative peace, sign me up already. Allergy season in Texas is unusually brutal this year, so leading off the list is coconut oil. I cook with it, but I also put it on Landry’s chapped little nose and cheeks. Cooking spray is a need, as is the olive oil because I will be making pita again in the near future. Next is the snack items, which will be fun. Then, here comes the bathroom business, from toilet paper to shampoo to mouthwash. A replacement wire whisk because Landry tried to peel mine like a banana, and two bottles of melatonin round out the list.

I’m really curious about the toilet paper and facial tissue; not going to lie about that. It’s tree-free, as they make it with sugar cane and bamboo grass. I’m intrigued, and at twelve rolls for $6, it’s an experiment to make it to the end of the month. Remember, there was a nasty stomach bug posted up in our house a couple of weeks ago, our stockpile was more or less decimated.

If I really like this stuff, I’ll pay the $36 for a B.More membership, which you can check out here. That will get me a year’s worth of free shipping on any order and get a lot of meals for Feeding America ;they donate 10 meals when you get your membership, and then two more every time you place an order. I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of the idea of helping people by doing what needs to be done to take care of me and mine.

Shipping is supposed to take 2-4 business days, so I’m guessing the absolute latest that my shipment will arrive is next Wednesday. I’m not planning on it going anywhere today, so that way, if I ordered early enough for it to get out of the warehouse today, it’s a bonus. As soon as it gets here, I’ll take pictures, and I will give you our review on it all, good, bad, or ugly.

As of 5:10 April 20, it’s on the way. It’s due in by close of business Tuesday. Can’t wait!