Quiet because I’m up to something…

So, it’s been awhile, and I apologize for that. I have been plotting, planning, organizing, sorting, purging, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off for what feels like an age. Finally, however, it would appear that things are getting to a point where things will be able to settle down and just flow. I’m not out of my mind, it will never be smooth sailing; there are too many moving parts with offspring involved. I am rather happy, however, with the set up that I’ve almost totally gotten going here.

I have been gone for the most part since mid-October, and I’m trying not to hate myself for it. It’s not that there hasn’t been things to write about; I’ve just been that out of sorts. There have been many, many things to tend to as far as the new school year; meetings for committees, meetings with staff to make sure that the kids both have good years, appointments for all, the Girl Scout Troop, getting my feet wet volunteering at the school, and just so much more.

As 2017 winds down, I will post about what all has changed or will be changing as we all kick it to the curb and welcome in 2018. So, just be aware, I will be back more and more.



Finally… a recap of the State Fair of Texas

So, nearly a week ago, after nearly ten years living in Texas, I finally went to the fair. Nicole took the littles and I. Connor declined, and later regretted it, as Pokemon stuffed critters were in 90% of the game booths on the fairway. I convinced Nicole to do the park and ride, so we hopped the train and off we went. Ryli went last year with her class at school, but we decided that it didn’t count; it was during school hours, so no fair food and no rides. Landry was the other rookie in attendance.


Once we got into the fair, we chose to just dig out a Sharpie and write our cell phone numbers on the kids’ arms, just in case, rather than hunt down the tent to get the bracelets. The kids posed for pictures as a farmer and a cow, then switched roles, and then we were off to the first hall, filled with Jeeps and just what any Transformers six-year-old wants to see, a Camaro. I may have told Landry that Bumblebee switched colors so he couldn’t be identified.


There was another reason for heading through the hall, and that was a cooler walk from the gate to the food and the fairway games and rides. We also got to see this big guy when we emerged:



Like most kids, Ryli and Landry are simultaneously scared by and fascinated with Big Tex. I just think, like Rick Astley from the 1980’s, the voice doesn’t match the body.

Nicole explained to the kids which fairway games were best to play, and which ones were a waste of money. She’s still working at Six Flags, so they paid attention and didn’t complain too much. Nicole and I played the fishing game with them, then we had our age and weight guessed respectively. The carney was way off on both, and the kids picked our prizes.

Miss Adrenaline picked the first ride. Landry and I sat it out. Then Nicole took them through the fun house and I sat that one out because of the questionable lay of the land. As we weaved towards the Texas Star, the kiddos went on the little tractor ride. I think Ryli went just to make Landry happy, because she wasn’t really into it. Then, we bumped into one of Ryli’s classmates in line to the haunted house ride.

The fun part was after the haunted house ride… Texas Star. Half of us are afraid of heights to some extent, but like that was going to stop us!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were in the first group of cars to get filled; last of the set of four. The wheel turns enough to get the four occupied cars emptied and refilled, then it repeats. Then, there’s a whole revolution, and then you’re done. Ryli looked so bored because the first she knew what was going to happen, as the adrenaline junkie in her screams “Too slow!!” Landry was questioning things in a manner that almost made me feel like he somehow heard about a few years back when there was a malfunction and people got stuck. He also was concerned that I would drop my phone. It was over way too soon. The view was awesome!

From Texas Star, Nicole and the kiddos grabbed sodas and I got a Diet Dew out of my backpack, then we walked across the walkway to the Aquarium. We got to pet stingrays and chocolate chip starfish, not to mention a few anemones. I washed up and went to look at a tank of seahorses, and Landry I knew was close behind. Right away, I saw that a pair of them were having a private moment, center stage in the tank. I hoped in vain that Landry wouldn’t notice. I had no such luck. Within an instant, Landry was pointing, very loudly saying that the seahorses were in love with each other and (even louder) that they were making babies. Good times.

After the aquarium, we slowly meandered back to the main gate. we snacked on fair fare on the way, and got rid of the last of our games card. Then the kids got their prizes that they’d seen on the way in (Bulbasaur for Lan, a squishy peach thing for Ry). We cashed the leftover coupons in on salt water taffy, and headed for home.

Plans have already been started for next year. The only major shake-up will be that we’ll have to go on the middle school fair day, as Dacey will be getting married on the elementary school fair day. That, and we are starting to save money now. Next year, we will go on more rides and eat a lot more food!

And here’s the trip home, with the kids’ answers to the question “Did you have fun?”


Busy bee

I have a ton of pictures and tales from the fair Friday; I haven’t forgotten. Between assembling bookcases, going through clothes that no longer fit, prepping for our first “real” Girl Scout meeting tonight, and finding a way to a committee meeting I didn’t realize wasn’t at the kids’ school, along with several other matters demanding my attention, my dance card has been full. Hell, at this very moment, I’m posting from my phone whilst getting my tail to the previously mentioned meeting. I HATE posting from my phone. I should get on my computer either tonight or first thing in the morning, and I will post.


The fair happened today, and I am beat. Tomorrow, I will post some (silly) pictures and hit the highlight reel. Ryli and Landry were so worn out and excited from everything, getting them to bed was semi-awful, however I can now report they are down for the night. I won’t be far behind them.

Until tomorrow, Big Tex will keep you company.

OOPS! (Well, this IS embarrassing)

Almost to the point of ridiculous, actually. I started the month off with the best of intentions, and they seemed to instantaneously fizzle and flop. Life does that sometimes, I suppose.

It isn’t like I’m sitting back watching soap operas or anything like that. Landry had his tubes. The week before, they ended up scheduling him for a last-minute pre-op evaluation. He passed that with flying colors, however, we were partially jinxed by the PA saying that both of his ears looked great. He was at the weekend clinic less than 36 hours later with his second ear infection in under a month. Yeah for getting a prescription filled when it was written on a Saturday night and you have no car. We got it done, and as of Monday, Landry has tubes again.

Girl Scouts was on the third. I was scared that Ryli would be the only one there, as the fliers never were sent home with the students. Within a few minutes of the appointed hour, four other girls and their respective adults were there with us, and our brand new troop was officially born. As of this morning at the bus stop, it would appear that we have grown by two and I got myself a co-leader in my trusty teacher bestie, Nicole.

The sixth was an epic failure in babysitting arrangements for a committee meeting that I had at the school. First and second string sitters both fell through due to circumstances beyond their control. Third string was deployed with Ryli going over to a friend’s (and later having her first sleep over that wasn’t with Dacey). Fourth string was also activated with a set of ear buds, an Amazon Prime video purchase, my laptop, and eats from Racetrac for Landry. He sat through a three-hour meeting as well as any of the adults in the room. Added benefit was that his teacher and the principal were also in attendance, and his teacher brought him up some worksheets and PlayDoh to bolster mama’s bag of tricks.

Yesterday, my counselor and I decided that I was ready to drop back to every other week meetings. I got pulled into speak with Ryli’s counselor, and she’s doing well enough that after the next appointment, she will no longer go to counseling. Now, all that remains is to figure out what to do with Landry, who still needs the counseling, but also needs to go to tutoring, which is only available on Wednesday. So, for now, he will meet with his counselor at school until some other time slot opens up.

Connor started working, and so far, he likes it, so long as I make him some coffee beforehand. The little ones miss him something awful on the weekends they see their father, though. They leave before Connor wakes up in the morning (he closes, so he sleeps in), and by the time I pick them up at 6:00, his shift has already started. Last Sunday was awful, as Ryli refused to go to sleep until she saw him. Luckily, he didn’t close, and no one was hurt when she ran to the door and tackled him.

Tonight I get the lovely double whammy of conferences for the first 6 weeks of school and a last-minute meeting of the other committee I’m on. Then, to Target to grab bookshelves, then have a slumber party of sorts before going to the Texas State Fair tomorrow. After nearly ten years in Texas, I am finally going. Ryli went with her class last year while we were in the shelter, but it will be the first time for Landry and I. Then, things should calm down considerably. (famous last words, I know)

So, all goes well, I will pepper the weekend with a few posts in between projects. Maybe there will even be State Fair pictures! Until then, I WILL be back! And to give you the pre-Halloween creeps, I will actually have a plan (or some semblance of one). So, seriously, stay tuned!

Bad blogger…

This week scurried away from me at some point. I will be back later today to catch up on my 31 Days, and I’ll have Mama’s Mission up probably by the wee hours of Sunday morning. Pinky promise.

Just for fun blog challenge… Day One

Okay… so here is the fluff portion of my two challenges. I figure one to amuse, and one with a point, and come November, posting normally should be pretty damn easy.

Today, I get to give an intro and a recent picture. Being that I’m not a big selfie-taker, I’ll make do with a decent one from our mini-vacation to Georgetown in August for tax-free weekend.

I am Lisa, relatively new forty-two year old. I have a total of five kids; three of them live with me. My oldest is twenty-one and relatively newly engaged; the youngest is six, and passed out on my lap. Between them, the remainder are seven, sixteen, and nineteen. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I have also survived a stroke at age nineteen, and a pulmonary embolism at twenty-nine (thank you, Leiden Factor V). I’m originally from Iowa, but shortly after my mom relocated to Texas, I came down myself.

Right now, I spend my time trying to find a way to get this place organized to my liking on a shoestring budget. I’m on a few committees at the elementary school that the littles attend, plus PTO, and trying to get a Girl Scout troop going there. Thankfully, Dallas has a fairly good public transit system, or else I’d be in a pickle.

If you’d like to know anything else, just ask. You may spawn an entire post out of it!



There I am, hamming it up with the littles taking the TRE to Ft. Worth to hop an Amtrak down to see G’ma-Mom, G’pa Alan, Dacey, and Uncle Chad mid-August.