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A little bit of everything (UPDATED)

I think that it is rather safe to assume that damn near everyone who has a Facebook account sees a barrage of ads every single time they¬†scroll though their news feed. It’s just the way things work. Sometimes, the things are silly, or just too frivolous to bite on. Then, there’s the things that you save for the right time.

Late last week, one of those tempting, save for later ads popped up in my feed, and I clicked on save. The company is called Brandless, the premise being that typical, branded products come with a “brand tax”. In a nut shell, you are paying more for the name on the package. Pretty much everything on the site is either organic, non-GMO, tree-free, or something along those lines. Everything on the site is $3. Some of the items are 2/$3 or 3/$3, but seriously, just $3. For every order, they donate a meal to Feeding America. Right now, they’re offering free shipping on orders $39 or more. They carry everything; food items, hygiene, cleaning, kitchen gear, paper and office products, basically, a little bit of everything.

I bit today. There are some things that we need or very soon will need, so I went for it. Here is the result:

Like I said, a little bit of everything. I’m pretty sure the only category I skipped completely was office supplies, because I’m currently set. It can also be argued that no one “needs” the snack items that I bought, but if it lets me finish cooking dinner in relative peace, sign me up already. Allergy season in Texas is unusually brutal this year, so leading off the list is coconut oil. I cook with it, but I also put it on Landry’s chapped little nose and cheeks. Cooking spray is a need, as is the olive oil because I will be making pita again in the near future. Next is the snack items, which will be fun. Then, here comes the bathroom business, from toilet paper to shampoo to mouthwash. A replacement wire whisk because Landry tried to peel mine like a banana, and two bottles of melatonin round out the list.

I’m really curious about the toilet paper and facial tissue; not going to lie about that. It’s tree-free, as they make it with sugar cane and bamboo grass. I’m intrigued, and at twelve rolls for $6, it’s an experiment to make it to the end of the month. Remember, there was a nasty stomach bug posted up in our house a couple of weeks ago, our stockpile was more or less decimated.

If I really like this stuff, I’ll pay the $36 for a B.More membership, which you can check out¬†here. That will get me a year’s worth of free shipping on any order and get a lot of meals for Feeding America ;they donate 10 meals when you get your membership, and then two more every time you place an order. I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of the idea of helping people by doing what needs to be done to take care of me and mine.

Shipping is supposed to take 2-4 business days, so I’m guessing the absolute latest that my shipment will arrive is next Wednesday. I’m not planning on it going anywhere today, so that way, if I ordered early enough for it to get out of the warehouse today, it’s a bonus. As soon as it gets here, I’ll take pictures, and I will give you our review on it all, good, bad, or ugly.

As of 5:10 April 20, it’s on the way. It’s due in by close of business Tuesday. Can’t wait!

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Friday the 13th… teeheehee

Thankfully, the little ones don’t buy into the superstition yet, since they’re testing again today. We’re down to the last six weeks of the school year. In the next few weeks, we will hear back as to whether or not they get their transfers to a different elementary school for next year. Hopefully, my poor crossed everything don’t fall off while I wait.

Nicole and I have already started to plan for them transferring, since she will be taking them to and from until I get a vehicle. That means dry runs starting in August, just to figure out the timing of everything. The kids have already been warned that they will still have to get up early; potentially even earlier than they get up now, as Nicole has to be there as well. They’re good with that, though, at least in theory. We shall see, we shall see.

This weekend should be interesting. When they drift off to sleep tonight, all the tablets and Ryli’s phone will vanish. In all likelihood, so will the 20+ Baby Alives and all the Littlest Pet Shop figures. I’m going to be nice and let them sleep in, but once they get up, they have to start work on their room, whether they like it or not. They get enough done, I’ll return some of their toys and tech until they drift off to sleep yet again. Then, I’ll repeat the process. I will help, don’t get me wrong, but gone are the days where I am the one to clean up their room. They just demolish it again.

Other than that, we’ll just relax and do laundry… after we sort through the clothes that either don’t fit or just never get worn. It should be a satisfying weekend, once we get through it!



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Slight change in plans (I want my bed back)

I have got to get the kids to sleep in their own beds. Ryli is pretty good about it, unless she’s ill or Landry is being obnoxious about it. Landry just climbs in my bed and passes out, and by the time I go to bed, I’m in no mood to transfer his butt to his own bed. I am sleeping horribly. The first thing I do when I get them off to school is take a nap. I use a sleep quality monitor on my phone. My sleep quality sucks with both of them in my bed, and improves a good deal if there is only one in bed with me. I can only imagine how much better it would be if they both were in their own beds!

So, that leaves me to come up with something to use as an incentive. I think I may try to see if I can use new bedding sets as the reward. I’m fairly confident that we could find something that both of them like that coordinates relatively well. We shall see.

The slight change in plans is that I will be putting the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge on the back-burner until next month. I am still making a conscious effort to practice better self-care, but there are a few tasks that are derailing me. I’m going to practice for now, and get those other things addressed. Then, I’ll just be in a better place overall. Things could actually go according to plan, however, and I could end up starting when I complete the few odd tasks. First on that list is kicking everyone but me out of my bed. Hell, once I get Landry out, Tiger will follow. He loves to sleep with his human.

I will give Landry some credit. Ever since the medication change, he has been a dream come bedtime. Now, I have to hound Ryli to go to sleep, because odds are good that come 8:00, Landry is already gently snoring his brains out in Dreamland. He’s even been known to wake up by himself in the morning, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Time to get ready to greet them when the bus finally drops them off. It was an end of six weeks testing day… yikes!

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Holy Bleepin’ Train-wreck!

WOW… this month hit the skids early this month. I picked the kids up from their visitation with their father, and they were both complaining about their stomachs. They went to bed without issue, but alas, I wasn’t feeling well, and the alarm at the ease of them going to bed didn’t register. I got sick that night. I was fairly well recovered come morning, but the kids were not. I kept them home, and was grateful for the decision before their school bus would have made it to school. Double win… two kids that got to keep their dignity intact.

Monday was the start of the constant running of the laundry. All week-long, it seemed I’d fall asleep to their song; just before dawn, I’d cut them on again. They were both sleeping with me… turning me into what resembled an extra from The Walking Dead. By Tuesday night, I had a backlog of laundry, when Landry got sick in my bed. It was surreal. He’s not that big of a kid, and I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that THAT much came out of him. It definitely make me rethink my grandpa’s proposition that some people just have hollow legs. Ryli luckily had dozed off in her bed, but I still had two king comforters on the bed, plus pillow cases and pillows. It was bad.

Wednesday morning, I scheduled them an appointment with their pediatrician. They fought like cats and dogs in the waiting room and in triage. They finally started cooperating when the doctor came in, trailed by a duo of nurses. One was in to give her a hand; the other, to read with the kid who wasn’t getting an exam. It went well from there. They ended up being diagnosed with a hell of a stomach bug, and being given excuses for the whole week. Two more days with my little rays of sunshine. They were already getting sick of each other on top of the bug.

Friday, I got my friend to watch them so I could escort Connor to the ER about his never-ending cough. That was an eight-hour exercise in futility… we headed home after 4:00 a.m. after never seeing a doctor. I also found out about the urgent care clinic just next door, so we planned on hitting that in the morning. Ryli and Landry had a sleepover with their friends’. They came home and we got them ready. Between my craptastic sleep Friday night, and the bits and pieces I’d collected during the week, I was so spacey, I folded up a pile of clothes for the kids, and then forgot to pack it.

After I got the kids and their not quite packed backpack off, Connor and I jumped on the bus and headed to the urgent care clinic. We were in and out in four hours. The chairs there sucked as bad as they did in the regular ER, but it was a lot calmer and quieter. We made it out of there with a diagnosis of bronchitis, prescriptions, and the doctor’s amazement that it wasn’t pneumonia. We headed home, ordered DoorDash, delivered the work note, and crashed out.

Sunday was a wash… I was still so tired from my whirlwind, laundry filled week. Yesterday, Ryli was sick yet again. Turns out the Zofran she got for her incessant nausea stopped her up, so yet another trip to the pediatrician and she is right as rain. Landry was up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:00 a.m. and couldn’t wait to go back to school. He was excited to turn the notes in to the office, and we had a nice chat while we waited for the bus to show up.

Today, I got them off to school, then after sunning myself on the balcony, I walked down to my doctor’s office to see the nurse for my scheduled INR check. I know that I missed at least one dose of my medications last week in all the blur. It looks like it was probably two, because I slid down to a 1.7, but I will take it. I did remember to use the stopwatch on my phone for the trek home. I pulled it off in under 20 minutes.


So, now that I have brought you all up to speed, I’m going to belatedly start my 30 day self-care challenge, get some stuff done around the house, and get ready to get my new toys out so I can make my first frittata tonight. I will be back!

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Mama’s Mission of the Month April 2018

What can I say, other than it’s been awhile since I’ve posted much, and I think February was the last time I posted a Mama’s Mission. Like I said in last night’s post, I got into quite the rut without really noticing. It took Nicole to make me open up my eyes. Par for the course, I found my boot straps, but nearly got bowled over soon after. Oh well; I’m still standing.

The dragon has officially been slayed. A plea was entered this week, which has been a weight off my shoulders. The little ones are getting better and better the further January and February fade into the past.

If this is your first time reading a Mama’s Mission, you can find out all the details about it here. Otherwise, without any further to do, here is April’s edition.


Self-Care (Physical)

  • AM/PM routines
  • Walk a minimum of 2,500 steps a day
  • Minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night (partially dependant on Ryli and Landry)

Self-Care (Mental/Emotional)

  • Journal at least every other day
  • Weekly therapy
  • Read 30 minutes minimum a day, and take a half hour all to myself.


  • Keep up with everyone’s medications
  • INR* appointments as scheduled
  • Schedule with dentist


  • Nail down routines
  • Address need for counseling
  • Finalize things for “House Cup” (trust me, that will get an entire post to itself)


  • Streamline storage and organization
  • Meal plan
  • Set chores


  • Budget
  • Keep registers up to date
  • NO extra purchases


  • Make and follow blog calendars
  • Facebook and Twitter regularly
  • Reorganize my Pinterest


  • Planners up to date (final set on Sundays)
  • Minimum of 64 ounces of water per day
  • 30 Day Self-Care Challenge (that would be on top of what I have previously listed here)


* INR stands for International Normalised Ratio, which is a measure of how a person’s blood clots. Being that I have Factor Five Leiden that has reared its vile head twice, I should be on blood thinners for life. “Normal” is 1.1 or lower. For a person on thinners, its 2.0-3.0, and as of my last check, I’ m a 2.8. Go, Me!

I have a good feeling about this month. Money may be tight this month, but we will get by. I hope to announce “Mission Accomplished ” on May 1st, when I unleash the new Mama’s Mission and recap this one.

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No more neglect…

I have fallen deep into a rut. I don’t think I realized how far down I was until I did the bare minimum to start the climb back out. I was trying to take care of everything and everyone else, completely neglecting to think of myself. That ends here and now. I can’t properly take care of everyone and everything else if I feel as if I am falling apart at the seams.

Actually, it ended about a week and a half ago; tomorrow, it starts in earnest. The first day of spring found me at my doctor’s office, getting refills. Since then, I have been spot on taking my medication. I’ve been doing everything in my power to get more sleep. The rest, I’ll start tomorrow.

I’m not procrastinating. Tonight, I put everything together to roll this all out tomorrow. Much of it, I will outline tomorrow in Mama’s Mission of the Month. Things are finally turning around, and I don’t want to look back. What better time to make changes than the beginning of the month? There’s also the added bonus of starting something so deliberate on April Fool’s Day. I am a smart ass, after all.

For starters, I found a post on Pinterest that was basically a challenge of a month of self-care, from Brianna Fae’s Mental Health Blog, which you can find here. Here’s what the graphic looks like:


Starting on the 8th, I’ll post updates about how well I’m doing on the challenge, and continue doing that throughout the month. The only time I won’t post the weekly recap on Sunday will be the 30th, which is a Monday.

The format that I’m using on Mama’s Mission is also going to get an update. I am incorporating two self-care related categories until I get the hang of life with it regularly incorporated into my routine.

Until tomorrow…

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Recap of February 2018 Mama’s Mission of the Month


Wow… I’m really glad February is a short month, because Mama’s Mission was nothing if not a glaring failure. I’m not even going to bother posting the results; too much red.

February has pretty much been a crap month for me since 1995. I have been known to jokingly refer to February 1995 as the month that tried to kill me twice, but failed both tries; meningitis to kick off the month, the stroke to end it. The epitome of awful for anyone, particularly a nineteen year old. The only truly stellar February I’ve had since has been 2010, when I had Ryli. She’s tempered every February since, but this one was rough, nonetheless. My dragon had yet another court date on Valentine’s Day; that was a tad nerve-wracking, No fear, however, as there was another reset. Then, there was the spectre of Valentine’s, and those innocent little questions that just remind me that I am single. Then, add to that the fact that Mother Nature has been temperamental, and someone has been sick at all times this month, and it’s been pretty craptastic.

It wasn’t all bad. My dad did come down. I did the tourist thing with him downtown, and he took the kids swimming at the hotel. I think the most fun, however, was going to The Magic Time Machine for Ryli’s birthday dinner. Princess Jasmine was our server, the kids surprised their grandpa in how much they ate from the “Salad Car”, and they had their caricatures drawn on the way out.

I already know one thing that will definitely get its own category on March’s Mama’s Mission and which one will be going by the wayside. I’m not telling about the swap, since that will be revealed tomorrow.

For now, I have small people to get off to bed, and then I have to finish up getting things ready for March. See you in the morning.